Security And Solar Film

Class A/B/C Security – Solar/UV Protection – Mirrored – Opaque – Patterned – Retro Fitted

Solar and security film is essentially fixed to a window to provide protection from either the sun or being broken respectively. The windows are prepared for adhesion and the film is cut to size and fixed in place. There are a few options availible to you depending on your requirements.

  • Graded Bomb Blast / Impact film
  • Solar / UV film
  • Privacy film (Mirrored / One Way / Frosted etc)

Bomb blast \ impact film holds glass together on when struck.It limits fragmentation and regains some structual strength within the glass. It is mostly found on business and commercial properties but is being found more and more in residential homes where fitting grilles is not an option.

UV / Solar film is used to restrict UV glare form sunlight and is used often in
conservatories. It can stop UV heating conserving energy during the warmer months.

Privacy film protects a window from being looked through. There are many option including coloured and frosted film. Mirrored / One Way Privacy film appears see through from one side but obscures the view from the other.

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