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Safes and Security Boxes

Safes and security boxes are more commonly being insisted upon by insurance companies, not just for companies but for residential properties too. Because of this we can supply and securely install a wide range of safes to suit every one.

There are allways factors to consider when thinking of perchasing a safe. Such as size, security the safe, fire resistance and even the locking mechanism. We can offer many differing types to cater for the client. Its allways worth making a niote of where you would like to install the safe – we allways recommend that safes are bolted and fixed to a concrete or brick where ever possible.

Gun Cabinets

Shotguns must be stored in a locked gun cabinet which complies to government regulations – BS 7558(1992). All cabinets supplied by Topgrade do so. The requirements are outlined here but please consult us should there be any questions.
Cabinets must be fixed to sound surface (concrete / brick etc)
Locks to cabinet must have no less than 1000 differs.
Padlocks securing cabinets must be hardened
Cabinets should be stored in a concealed place.
Properties housing guns must be suitibly secured (5lever locks to doors / window locks).

Cabinets come in a lots of different sizes and styles. Please call with your requirements and we’d be happy to discuss your needs with you..

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