Maintaining Your Locks & Gates

Many problems with locks can be avoided simply with regular maintanence.

Over time the locks internal mechanism may pick up dirt and grime which can build up inside and eventually lead to a lock out or adversly affect its operation.

You will allways find that the insides of new locks will have been lubricated with engineers grease. This is to prevent the lock from drying up and sticking. However over long periods of time, this grease will dry up and the lock will become suseptible to jamming and not engaging the pins, levers and any of the moving parts.

How old are your locks?

This is why Topgrade recommends that you lubricate the lock once every two months to prevent this from happening. More if it is a high usage door – for example a communal entrance door to a block of flats.

Simply spray WD40 or similer lubricant into the key holes on both sides of the lock. A spray directly down the side of the bolt will also help keep the throw action working. Please take a moment to look at diagram 1.

Following these instructions can extend the life of your locks!

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